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About Us


                                                1. To promote social inclusion demonstrating enjoyable, enriching, effective strategies for educational attainment.

                                                2. To develop imaginative, sustainable multi-agency activities those widen participation and embrace other 

                                                   community members of all ages and heritages.

                                                3. Create positive learning environments that recognise and challenge racism, sexism, poverty 

                                                   and social deprivation.

                                               4. To promote, develop and advance community partnership activities that strive to meet the educational, 

                                                   social, health, recreational, cultural, linguistic and safety needs of peoples and their families.

                                              5. To work with local partners to bring long-term sustainable  change that will impact on the quality of family lives.

                                              6. To work in partnership as a network of schools to share “ best practice” and “expertise” in order to

                                                 support improved attainment of  every child across our schools,and create employment opportunities for adults.

                                              7. Ensure that the Head Teachers, staff, governors and parents, work together on a dynamic process-

                                                 re-examining issues, recognising priorities and developing new strategies to maximise the educational opportunities for                                                    families.